Take Nothing For Granted!

June 25th, 2011 by David Stein

Lots of really great things are happening in the Brother Trucker world, but it sure keeps me on my toes. Go Fish was awarded two dynamite locations in Boston from the several for which I applied.  I’ll be on Belvidere St, on the Christian Science Plaza at the Children’s Fountain Monday-Thursday lunch, and at the entrance to the historic Charlestown Navy Yard at 5th St and 1st Ave. Friday-Sunday lunch/brunch.  These are both potentially excellent locations. Today we had huge lines and lots of good feedback at the Museum of Science “Let’s Talk About Food” festival.  However, with every accomplishment comes new challenges, with every new opportunity to shine comes more opportunities to screw up, to let down my guard, to lose focus on quality.  It’s easy to hear the kudos, and important to allow oneself to feel good about them, but might be even more important to listen to criticism and to learn from the inevitable mistakes.  And just like everybody, I make them.  Running a business is all about prioritizing, and learning to delegate the things which aren’t your strengths to those who have talents you may not.  It’s about learning to fix the individual problems while keeping the wide view without allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by the whole.  Easy to say, not always so easy to do.  Success can breed arrogance.  Pride can breed stubbornness.  I’m getting good social media press like:

Bostonfoodfinds Audrey  

Malden’s well-kept secret ain’t no secret anymore! @BrutherTrucker‘s Go Fish truck had longest line @ Let’s Talk About Food Festival.

Jun 25, 9:04 PM via web


But also criticism like:

The “Go Fish” truck needs to find another community to rip-off. Malden is NOT stupid!!! (And many foodies reside here.) We paid $4.95+tax for clam broth under the guise of clam chowder… It was broth, butter, parsely void of clams or potatoes. . .


I responded to this critique, and I hope I’ve regained a happy customer, but it keeps me aware how much it matters to keep attention to every detail, that a little bad press can hurt a lot. In the final analysis, I really believe the process will make me better, but I need to keep my eye on the ball!!


Comment from Kevin C.
Time: November 19, 2011, 11:15 am

Dave: Saw your truck this morning (Sat. 11/19 ) while crossing
the street in Everett square. I said to myself, “a food truck
in Everett. what’s he lost ?”. So I ducked in to the library
to look you up on line and found out that you’re working out
of Malden. I can’t wait to try your food. Will you be
setting up around Malden / Everett anytime? If not, I’ll
look for you in Boston. – KC -

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