Go Fish!

Go Fish! is the first Fine Food Truck from Brother Trucker.  The truck will feature a custom kitchen built to my specifications in Austin Texas by Kitchens on Wheels .  Thank you to Felix and the crew for building our first truck!!  The Truck will feature artwork by world renowned muralist Janet Reinitz and he’ll be a beauty to behold!!  As a chef I’m committed to sourcing sustainable foods, and will be working with the Chef’s Collaborative and my network of local vendors to stay within these guidelines whenever possible.  I believe in sourcing locally, and seasonally when feasible, but we are in New England, and its hard to find local tomatoes in January!!  I’ll be covering classic New England seafood specialties, as well as American Regional and International dishes, all focused through my own lens, with classical chops and a street food sensibility.

Carnivores need not fear!  I’m going to be introducing a grilled meat specialty sandwich from my years in upstate New York, called the Spiedie.

Invented early in the 19th century by Italian immigrants , this robust marinade of herbs, citrus, garlic and olive oil gives meat a wonderful flavor, sizzling hot off the grill and served  wrapped in Scali bread.  Spiedie is a household word in the Southern Tier of New York, and the Susquehanna River Valley in Pennsylvania, seen in restaurants, and celebrated at the annual Spiedie and Balloon Festival.  I plan to feature the traditional Lamb spiedie as well as the popular chicken spiedie for those craving grilled meat!  Who knows, maybe Brother Truckers’ second truck will be the Spiedie Express!