Apalachicola Oysters

April 20th, 2011 by David Stein

This is the view from my world as I type.  Life DEFINITELY DOESN’T SUCK here.  They say they have the best oysters in creation here in Apalachicola.  I feel a certain Chefly obligation to do some serious field research.  Go Fish! now has a generator, the kick butt (free) stereo is in,  final installations and testing tomorrow, then they hit the road in pursuit of the lovely wife and myself Friday.  I’m thinking the hand-off will be in Savannah GA. Saturday.  Meanwhile, our tour of the South continues.  Monday was the Casino at Isle of Capri on Lake Charles LA.  According to my personal ghost whisperer, very haunted.  Bizarre mix of casino overkill with a side order of desperation.  I will admit, I’ve never been a gambler, and I quit drinking, so the casino held little allure, but it was an interesting slice of Americana.  Off the 8th floor balcony we had a panoramic view of some huge oil refineries in the distance.  At night, lit up, with the huge perpetually flaming tower, it looked like we were staring at Mordor.  Oh, and the Buffet served a killer Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo.  Good Saucier in the kitchen.  Priorities.  I met the chef here at the Apalachicola River Inn, told him my tale, looks like we are in for a tasting.  Life’s is our oyster tonight!  While we are on the road, good things are happening in the Food Truck world in Boston.  Our new organization, the Greater Boston Food Truck Association, or BAFTA (Boston ‘afta?) is in serious discussion with the city of Boston about locations, routes, zoning etc.  This is a great dialogue, not typical of most major cities and their Food Trucks.  There is a certain advantage to being late to the table in this case, and so far the give and take has been good, and it looks like the results will benefit everyone!  Synchronicity here and there.

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